GeneChain Documentation

Getting Started

Welcome to GeneChain's Documentation. You can find core concepts, user guides, and technical documentations here.
GeneChain is a decentralized, efficient, and secure public chain, which realizes smart contract compatibility on the basis of supporting high-performance transactions. The GeneChain platform is designed to provide global developers with low-cost innovation facilities and stable infrastructure services.
For more details about GeneChain, see Introduction to GeneChain.

Main contents:

For common users
  • Metamask - How to setup metamask to get access to Genechain
  • Testnet Faucet - How to get Testing RNA on GeneChain Adenine Testnet
  • Staking - How to stake a validator and share mining rewards
For node operators
  • Fullnode - How to run a full node for GeneChain
  • Validator - How to participate as a validator
For developers
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